Children's eco-bakery

Stays closed!

Illuminated stall with the St. Mary's Cathedral and the Church of St. Severus in the background.
Picture: Visitors flock to the children's eco bakery Picture: © Matthias F. Schmidt

While the biscuits start to scent in the oven, there is a lot to find out about organic farming in Thuringia. Where does the cereal grow? What does the organic farmer do differently? Why is wholemeal so healthy?  

Of course, the self-made biscuits may be taken home – or nibbled on the spot.

Groups, clubs, or companies wishing to organise their Christmas parties or other cozy get-togethers at the bakery are warmly welcome, too.

Under the motto "Culture in the bakery", the organic bakery changes into a Christmassy stage during weekday evenings, inviting to music, Tango, lectures, theatre, film and discussion.